On Thursday 29th of October our English teacher – Mrs Joanna Dobrzyńska-Róg created a unique lesson. It was based on a presentation in Power Point. The topic of the lesson was: Britain-the country and its people. Mrs Danuta Katorosz, two teachers of Junior High School no. 1, our German teacher-Mrs Ewa Lazik and of course my classmates took part in this lesson. At the end Mrs Joanna Burdzińska-Mika, a teacher of High School no. 2 also observed our lesson.

At first our English teacher conducted a quiz about The United Kingdom. Some questions turned out impossibly difficult but each of us fought to the bitter end. The winners got bars of delicious chocolate. Next Mrs Dobrzyńska handed out pieces of paper with some interesting exercises about Great Britain. We solved it with great pleasure!

Finally, we divided our group into 4 teams and we had to create a poster encouraging tourists to visit Great Britain. It was hard to say which group was the winner, so everybody got a little surprise. In my opinion this lesson was a superb conception, in addition, we spent great time together, I suppose our guests too.